Monday, August 04, 2008

Jimmy Scott

Jimmy Scott is probably my favorite singer of all time. Described by New York Times Magazine as "Perhaps the most unjustly ignored American singer of the 20th Century", his story is almost as amazing and heartbreaking as his voice.

Born with Kallmann's syndrome a rare genetic disorder which meant he never went through puberty, but which left him with his distinctive voice - The Jimmy Scott story is littered with one bad luck tale after another, until, after years of bad fortune the story takes a turn for the better when he was 'rediscovered' while singing at the funeral of his friend and fan, the great songwriter Doc Pomus. A tour with Lou Reed, an unforgettable appearance in the final ever episode of Twin Peaks and record deal follow, with Jimmy Scott finally getting the recognition and plaudits that eluded him and his unique voice and approach to song for so many years.

For a more complete (and immeasurably better written!) account of the Jimmy Scott story I cannot recommend David Ritz's brilliant "Faith In Time: The Life Of Jimmy Scott" enough. Also the 2004 documentary "If You Only Knew"is a great starting point to get to know a singer that can not fail to change your life.

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MP3: Jimmy Scott - Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child

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aerolls said...

actually had the honor of meeting the man when I lived in San Antonio over ten years after the series had ended. I remember going up to Scott during the end of a signing and telling him how much I loved "Sycamore Tree." He smiled, put his arm around me and started singing the words to me. He knew them by heart, the words to a song he sung on a TV series a decade later. Amazing. Imagine going up to one of yr favorite singers and having him serenade you with one of yr favorite songs? I'll never forget that moment. What a voice! Incredible.