Monday, July 13, 2009

Six Organs

Slowly catching up from the time I was away, I am selectively sieving through bits and bobs that came up during that period. A nice (month old) story that made me smile was a message from Ben Chasny posted on the Six Organs Of Admittance Myspace page:

"Hey! I want to thank Jack for making this page. I don't check the mail on it or anything, Jack does that, but I thought I might utilize some of it's features. First, I want to mention that I am currently making a Six Organs guitar TAB book. I'm not really sure how big it is going to end up but I am thinking about 15 songs from the whole catalogue. What I am wondering is, are there any requests for any particular songs for me to TAB? So far I have already done Hallow Light Severed Sun, Words For Two, Elk River and Home. i was thinking i would probably do School of The Flower as well. After that, I am not sure. So basically I am taking requests. Any jams anyone might be interested in having me TAB? If not, it's all gonna be basically what's easiest for me to do!"

If you have a suggestion, head here.

MP3: Six Organs Of Admittance - Torn By Wolves
MP3: Six Organs Of Admittance - Words For Two

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Songs For Babes

One of my favorite bands in the whole wide world Talons' have just announced that their fantastic album 'Songs for Babes' is getting a European release thanks to Own Records. The CD includes new artwork from the original LP (still available at in a "beautifully printed cardstock package".

New Talons' music is also promised soon with the long awaited 'Songs For Boats' almost finished, as well as a new EP recorded in Dubai and an electronic album entitled 'Pandemia' in the bag. The entire Talons' catalog to date is still available from the Bark & Hiss website.

MP3: Talons' - Angela
MP3: Talons' - Sommer
MP3: Talons' - Cole (Courtesy of Own Records)

Download: The "complete" talons' library

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Yim Yames

I have never been a fan of My Morning Jacket, but on the two occasions that I have been exposed to the solo work of front man Jim James (or Yim Yames as he appears in his latest alias) I have been pleasantly surprised. The first time I sat up and took notice was on the Soundtrack to the Dylan "biopic" 'I'm Not There' where James sings "Goin' To Acapulco" accompanied by Calexico, which for me was one of the highlights of a great collection. The second is 'Tribute To', an EP of George Harrison covers.

Recorded in 2001 shortly after George Harrison's death 'Tribute To' contains six wonderful, stripped down, acoustic renditions of Harrison compositions, including versions of "My Sweet Lord", "All Things Must Pass" "Long, Long Long" and "Love To You". The EP is available to listen to in full and download now from the Yim Yames website for a very reasonable price, with a CD and vinyl released following on August 4th.

MP3: Jim James & Calexico - Goin' To Acapulco
MP3: Yim Yames - My Sweet Lord

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Texas Rose, The Thaw, and The Beasts

Gee, it has been so long and so much music has gone under the proverbial bridge since I last wrote, that I am not sure where to start... I guess i'll begin with the new release news that has most excited me since my last post... Castanets have announced the release of a new album entitled "Texas Rose, The Thaw, and The Beasts" (out on Asthmatic Kitty on September 22nd). The press blurb suggests that Ray Raposa has stripped back the noises and glitches focus on well structured and defined songs, which can only be a good thing.

Recorded in April of this year in San Diego, "Texas Rose..." is Castanets' fifth for Asthmatic Kitty. There isn't a Castanets record that I have not fallen in love with and I am sure I will be able to say the same about this one.

MP3: Castanets - This Is The Early Game From 'In The Vines (courtesy of Asthmatic Kitty)
MP3: Castanets - Glory B From 'City Of Refuge' (courtesy of Asthmatic Kitty)

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