Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Folk

Image credit: Joanna Pallaris

01. Advice - Super Daughter
02. Brigidine - The Shoreline
03. Heron - Jon Hopkins
04. Pinecone eyes - Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez
05. The Cuckoo - John Renbourn
06. Francesca - Roy Harper
07. The Waltze Of The Tennis Players - Meg Baird
08. Come Sing Me A Happy Song To Prove We All Can Get Along The Lumpy, Bumpy, Long and Dusty Road - Bert Jansch
09. All This Crazy Gift Of Time - Kevin Ayers
10. Pack Up Your Sorrows - Richard & Mimi Farina
11. Endless Evening Light - Fleet Foxes
12. At First She Starts - James Yorkston
13. Hooves - Bowerbirds
14. home - Breathe Owl Breathe
15. Oh Celebrate Your Vague Words and Coquettish Sovereignty - Boduf Songs
16. Love In Ice Crystals - The Sallyangie
17. Willow's Song - Rachel Verney & Magnet
18. Wolves' Pup - Six Organs Of Admittance
19. In A Notebook - Goldmund
20. Famous Blue Raincoat - Marissa Nadler
21. Chimacum Rain - Linda Perhacs
22. Dark Is The Night (In The Wind) - Arborea
23. Migrating Bird - Vashti Bunyan
24. end - The Rural Tradition

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boyhowdy said...

Oh, Holy Night! Gorgeous list...happy holidays to you and yours, and thanks for keeping the folk flowing freely!

Jeff said...

You wouldn't happen to have this mirrored or zipped somewhere would you? This looks like a great collection of artists that I'm completely unfamiliar with and that would be much simpler than going one by one and doing my own separate research. Thank you regardless :)