Thursday, January 29, 2009

John Martyn

September 11, 1948 – January 29, 2009

MP3: John Martyn - May You Never
MP3: John And Beverley Martyn - Go Out & Get It

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Doug Paisley

Doug Paisley is a songwriter, singer and guitar player from Toronto, Canada. He makes beautiful, warm pieces of laid back Americana. The first time I listened to his debut (self titled) album, I got butterflies in my stomach. Guy Clark is an obvious reference point, but this is a record that holds up on its own, using the strength of its influences to create a fine stand alone work. No song would sound out of place on the old Loose Records 'New Sounds Of The Old West' compilations, which, for me, is high praise indeed.

Recently Paisley has toured California with visual artist Shary Boyle opening for Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy. Performing as Dark Hand and Lamplight, their show combines Boyle’s overhead projections and Paisley’s songs.

MP3: Doug Paisley - Broken In Two
MP3: Doug Paisley - Digging In the Ground

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wild Tigers I Have Known

Image Credit: Cam Archer

I was thinking about threads and the many ways that one can find new songs and bands in the ever expanding mix of technology..I don't quite know where i am going with this, except to say I was listening to the Emily Jane White song "Wild Tigers I Have Known", which led me to a film of the same name, which led me to it soundtrack, which contained a whole bunch of goodness, including a Six Organs Of Admittance song that I had not heard for the longest time, "The Night Knows Nothing At All" (from 'For Octavio Paz') and a song called "Mighty" by Djuna Bel, who as far as I can tell appears to be one of the films producers, whoever she is, the song has blown me away.

MP3: Emily Jane White - Wild Tigers I Have Known
MP3: Six Organs Of Admittance - The Night Knows Nothing At All
MP3: Djuna Bel - Mighty

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Alela Diane

February 17th sees the release of 'To Be Still', the follow-up album to Alela Diane's quite fantastic 2006 debut 'The Pirate's Gospel'. A video for the lead track from the new record has premiered today on Pitchfork.

New songs "To Be Still", "White As Diamonds", "Age Old Blues", "The Alder Trees", "Dry Grass and Shadows" & "My Brambles" can be heard on Alela Diane's Daytrotter Sessions (1 + 2) from last year.

MP3: Alela Diane - White As Diamonds
MP3: Alela Diane - Dry Grass And Shadows

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Peter Broderick

Image credit: PB

Peter Broderick is something of an audacious musical talent. Working as a session musician at various recording studios in his native Oregon he has appeared on a wealth of fine albums including Dolorean's 'You Cant Win', 'Volume 1' by She & Him, Horse Feathers' 'Words Are Dead', White Hinterland's 'Phylactery Factory, 'Gilded Age' and 'The Unsung Colony' by Norfolk & Western, as well as M. Ward's forthcoming long player 'Hold Time'.

To date he has released three exquisite records; the sparse, beautiful, piano led 10" release 'Docile', 'Float' which builds on the piano base of 'Docile' with added strings and the use of tape loops & his third and most recent record 'Home', which is primarily a folk records that incorporates Broderick's "two favorite instruments", guitar and voice.

In 2007, after developing "MySpace friendship" with the Danish band Efterklang, Broderick uped-sticks from his Portland, Oregon home and relocated to Denmark to join the band in their Copenhagen base. It was after this move that Broderick went into the studio to record 'Home'.

Without wishing to take anything away from the individuality and beauty of 'Home', this is a record that sits perfectly as a companion piece to the Bon Iver record 'To Emma, Forever Ago'. Both certainly occupy the same sonic space and consist of similar textures and moods.

Broderick's immediate plans include more collaborations with Efterklang, various film score work and a series of solo shows in the US and the UK. All this and the kid is still only 21.

MP3: Peter Broderick - And It's Alright
MP3: Peter Broderick - With The Notes In My Ears

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Image Credit: Courtney Brooke

2009 is already lining up to be a good year with new records in the pipelines from Alela Diane, Vetiver, Akron/Family, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Bill Callahan, Bruce Springsteen, Wooden Shjips, M Ward, Grizzly Bear, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Bosque Brown, Marissa Nadler and Jim White to name but a few; as well as the long awaited Neil Young Archives Volume One.

One band I would love to see a new long player from this year is Feathers. Their sole commercially released full length effort (there are a few of self released cd-r's out there that the band sold at live shows) 2006's 'Feathers' released via Devendra Banhart and Andy Cabic’s Gnomonsong label is a psych folk gem.

Recorded at the home of founder member Kyle Thomas on an old 1/4 inch 8-track reel-to-reel, the eight member group forge a unique recorded dynamic, a multi textured, multi shaded sound which is in part down to the communal input of the group; four members contributed to the songwriting with at least that many contributing beautifully harmonized vocals, but is also in part, down to the varied instrumental textures on show; acoustic and electric guitars sit along side, harp, banjo, sitar, clarinet, synthesizers and seemingly whatever else the group could get their hands on.

The band ethos and feel reminds me of that seen in the Incredible String Band documentary film "Be Glad for the Song Has No Ending", but Feathers go beyond being mere revivalists, the sophistication of composition and arrangements provide an authenticity that many of their peers fail to achieve.

MP3: Feathers - Past The Moon
MP3: Feathers - Tiny Lights

Download: Feathers - Dublab Live Session

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Ron Asheton

17th July, 1948 - January, 2009

MP3: The Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Dog

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Freddie Hubbard

7th April, 1938 – 29th December, 2008

MP3: Freddie Hubbard - Lament For Booker

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