Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fleet Foxes / Richard Swift

Beginning my annual 'albums of the the year' review I was reminded of a couple of fantastic releases from 2008 that can't make the final list for one reason or another...well only one reason actually - they aren't albums...

The first, Fleet Foxes 'Sun Giant EP' - recorded after, but released before 'Fleet Foxes', feels like a step forward in the right direction from the bands debut album. Each of the songs easily stand shoulder to shoulder with the best tracks from what many critics (certainly in the UK) are calling the best album of 2008.

The second is 'Ground Trouble Jaw', a five track free digital EP from Richard Swift that authentically references doo wop, 60's bubble gum pop and Prince with a little bit of Beatles White Album thrown in for good measure.

MP3: Fleet Foxes - Innocent Son
MP3: Richard Swift - Would You
MP3: Richard Swift - Lady Luck

Download: Richard Swift - Ground Trouble Jaw

Fleet Foxes on Myspace
Richard Swift on Myspace

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