Monday, March 16, 2009

Bob Dylan

Thanks to the world wide web all the Dylan bootlegs that I read about as a young man are available at the click of a button, and even though I exhaustively obsess over sessions for 'Desire' or 'Blood On The Tracks', comparing the outtakes to the finally chosen takes, there is always another entry point that feels fresh, un-exhausted, new. I don't think I'll ever get tired of Dylan, certain periods may interest me more, or less at one time or another, but as an over all body of work there is always going to be something to draw me in.

After reading David Fricke's piece in Rolling Stone earlier this month, announcing that Dylan's follow up to 'Modern Times' was due in April, I was interested to discover the album title 'Together Through Life' and see the album cover for the first time today. The jury is still out on the cover for me. Although it features one of my favorite photographs by one of my favorite photographers, Bruce Davidson, I still think I like it more when I see Dylan on the cover of a Dylan album, that said, I do prefer this to the cover for 'Modern Times'.

For anyone interested, the Dylan phase that I am currently in, primarily focuses around the album 'Oh Mercy'. The production of the album may not be as 'organic' as much of his best work, however there are songs on this record that sit shoulder to shoulder with some of Dylan's finest compositions.

MP3: Bob Dylan - Most Of The Time

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