Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Neil Young Archives

I am really excited about the imminent Neil Young Archives Volume 1 release. It seems less and less now that I actually get excited by owning the physical product when it comes to record releases, but this is one case where I am. It seems like Neil Young, who is the driving force behind this long promised release, get's it. He seems to understand what makes something valuable and special enough not to just be content with a digital copy.

This first volume of the Archives series traces Neil Young's career from his first recordings with the Squires at the beginning of the sixties, via Buffalo Springfield and CSNY, right through to the 1972 sessions for 'Harvest'. The Blu-Ray edition features an interactive time-line and a lavish hardback book, each providing a thorough overview of his recordings and performances from this era. Also included on the Blu-Ray edition is Young's first film, the long unavailable 'Journey Through The Past'.

My bank balance might not feel the same, but I really hope that the Neil Young Archive series creates a blueprint for other artists to use to assemble their own music-based multimedia scrapbook in the future.

MP3: Buffalo Springfield - Burned
MP3: Neil Young - Birds

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