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Peter Broderick

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Peter Broderick is something of an audacious musical talent. Working as a session musician at various recording studios in his native Oregon he has appeared on a wealth of fine albums including Dolorean's 'You Cant Win', 'Volume 1' by She & Him, Horse Feathers' 'Words Are Dead', White Hinterland's 'Phylactery Factory, 'Gilded Age' and 'The Unsung Colony' by Norfolk & Western, as well as M. Ward's forthcoming long player 'Hold Time'.

To date he has released three exquisite records; the sparse, beautiful, piano led 10" release 'Docile', 'Float' which builds on the piano base of 'Docile' with added strings and the use of tape loops & his third and most recent record 'Home', which is primarily a folk records that incorporates Broderick's "two favorite instruments", guitar and voice.

In 2007, after developing "MySpace friendship" with the Danish band Efterklang, Broderick uped-sticks from his Portland, Oregon home and relocated to Denmark to join the band in their Copenhagen base. It was after this move that Broderick went into the studio to record 'Home'.

Without wishing to take anything away from the individuality and beauty of 'Home', this is a record that sits perfectly as a companion piece to the Bon Iver record 'To Emma, Forever Ago'. Both certainly occupy the same sonic space and consist of similar textures and moods.

Broderick's immediate plans include more collaborations with Efterklang, various film score work and a series of solo shows in the US and the UK. All this and the kid is still only 21.

MP3: Peter Broderick - And It's Alright
MP3: Peter Broderick - With The Notes In My Ears

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