Monday, July 13, 2009

Six Organs

Slowly catching up from the time I was away, I am selectively sieving through bits and bobs that came up during that period. A nice (month old) story that made me smile was a message from Ben Chasny posted on the Six Organs Of Admittance Myspace page:

"Hey! I want to thank Jack for making this page. I don't check the mail on it or anything, Jack does that, but I thought I might utilize some of it's features. First, I want to mention that I am currently making a Six Organs guitar TAB book. I'm not really sure how big it is going to end up but I am thinking about 15 songs from the whole catalogue. What I am wondering is, are there any requests for any particular songs for me to TAB? So far I have already done Hallow Light Severed Sun, Words For Two, Elk River and Home. i was thinking i would probably do School of The Flower as well. After that, I am not sure. So basically I am taking requests. Any jams anyone might be interested in having me TAB? If not, it's all gonna be basically what's easiest for me to do!"

If you have a suggestion, head here.

MP3: Six Organs Of Admittance - Torn By Wolves
MP3: Six Organs Of Admittance - Words For Two

Six Organs Of Admittance on Myspace
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