Monday, July 13, 2009

Songs For Babes

One of my favorite bands in the whole wide world Talons' have just announced that their fantastic album 'Songs for Babes' is getting a European release thanks to Own Records. The CD includes new artwork from the original LP (still available at in a "beautifully printed cardstock package".

New Talons' music is also promised soon with the long awaited 'Songs For Boats' almost finished, as well as a new EP recorded in Dubai and an electronic album entitled 'Pandemia' in the bag. The entire Talons' catalog to date is still available from the Bark & Hiss website.

MP3: Talons' - Angela
MP3: Talons' - Sommer
MP3: Talons' - Cole (Courtesy of Own Records)

Download: The "complete" talons' library

talons' on Myspace
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thehaikureview said...

Talons has to be some of the most insightful, clever, gut wrenching, humanistic songcrafting I have ever heard. After I discovered them after the Daytrotter session 6P7 did a while back I have had his music on constant repeat. Thanks for sharing...I too am looking forward to the new material.

danny greer