Thursday, November 05, 2009

Mountain Man

My favorite new musical discovery is Mountain Man, which is the the best accompaniment I have found for the onset of winter. The band make intimate, harmony based, sad folk songs that are as fragile as the falling leaves outside my window.

Mountain Man is three girls from Vermont, Amelia Meath, Molly Sarle, and Alex Sauser-Monnig, who recorded their self-titled album over the course of two sessions in 2009, one in January and the other in May. The album is available via Bandcamp with a 7" released promised soon via Open Face Records.

MP3: Mountain Man - White Heron
MP3: Mountain Man - Animal Tracks

Mountain Man on Myspace
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JGM said...

Listen to Mouthwings and Honeybee also! Wonderful and intimate.

Talena said...

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