Friday, October 30, 2009

Boduf Songs

Boduf Songs is Mat Sweet, a young man from Southampton, England who makes dark, psych tinged, textured folk music.To my ears he sounds like a moodier version of the Elliott Smith of "Needle In The Hay" or "Roman Candle" crossed perhaps with Charalambides or James Yorkston played at half speed.

Boduf Songs eponymous debut album was released on the Kranky label in 2005 after the label came across a CD-R of home recorded demos made by Sweet and were so blown away, decided to release the demos untouched, without any re-recordings. Two albums have followed 2006's Lion Devours the Sun and How Shadows Chase The Balance released in September of last year.

MP3: Boduf Songs - Oh Celebrate Your Vague Words and Coquettish Sovereignty
MP3: Boduf Songs - I Can't See A Thing In Here

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