Friday, July 28, 2006

The Tapesmixer

"Look at me mah, i'm Phil Spector!"... This is what you will most probably be saying after playing with the Tapes 'N Tapes Mixer. It is often the simplest ideas that work best and this adage is really true in the case of this great, but simple online tool. You get to fiddle around with the bass, drums, guitars and vocals from the song 'Jennie', hours of fun for geeks like me.

Officially, the tapesmixer is a cutting edge digital hi-fi interactive tonal interface. This technology allows you create your own mix of tapes 'n tapes songs. Which is kinda what i said already.

Fiddle with: The Tapesmixer

Download: Cowbell (MP3)

Official Website:
Buy: The Loon

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