Thursday, April 02, 2009

Matching Mole

Another post in the continuing list of songs that I find myself becoming obsessed with. This time the song is "O Caroline" by Matching Mole.

Matching Mole was a prog rock band from the famous 'Canterbury scene' that spawned such bands as Soft Machine, Caravan, Comus and Gong.

The band was formed by Robert Wyatt in 1971 after he had left Soft Machine. Wyatt took on the role of vocals and drums and was joined by David Sinclair (Caravan) on organ and piano, Phil Miller on guitar and Bill MacCormick on bass. The name Matching Mole was chosen as it was a pun on Machine Molle, the French translation of the name Soft Machine.

"O Caroline" is taken from the bands eponymous first album and was composed by Dave Sinclair with lyrics by Wyatt about his recent breakup with girlfriend Caroline Coon and is a tender piano based love song laced with mellotron and organ layers that form a fuzzy, warm background to Wyatt's fragile vocal. Dig!

MP3: Matching Mole - O Caroline

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