Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Viking Moses

Viking Moses was started by Brendon Massei in 2003 and has spent it's life accommodating a rotating cast of musicians worldwide, releasing two full length albums along the way 'Crosses' in 2006 (a split LP also containing Spencer Kingman's 'Spenking') and 2008's 'The Parts That Showed'.

Viking Moses first came to prominence after appearing on Devendra Banhart's highly influential 2004 'The Golden Apples Of The Sun' compilation. After a series of 7" and cassette releases plus the odd compilation track, 'Crosses' sealed the deal and Viking Moses delivered on the early promise they had shown.

Presented as a "story-song cycle" 'Crosses', is a subtle yet accomplished piece of work, and one of the most underrated releases from the crop of American folk musicians who appeared on the aforementioned 'Golden Apples..' compilation. Containing little more than softly picked nylon-string acoustic guitar, bass, and the occasional piano, it is Massei's sleepy baritone and understated, almost childlike, but completely accomplished songwriting that make this record stand head and shoulders above many of it's peers.

'The Parts That Showed' was a welcome addition to the Viking Moses catalog. Recorded on the Oldham family farm in central Kentucky by Paul Oldham and written with "the dream that it might one day be sung by Dolly Parton", the album follows the somewhat unconventional narrative featuring a teenage prostitute and the man who obsesses over her from afar. Viking Moses will be touring the UK in May.

MP3: Viking Moses - Crosses
MP3: Viking Moses - And Then You Left

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Great songs!

(check out the new track by A Hawk and a Hacksaw)