Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Quiet Bears

Quiet Bears is the songwriting/recording project of Johnnie Cluney from Iowa, who since 2002 has led an ever rotating lineup in producing a number of limited lo-fi, home recorded cassette and cd-r releases.

I forgot how much I liked this band, but was reminded to go back and listen to some of their stuff with news of a new release. As the label blurb goes: During a 2007 tour, Doby Watson stopped in Davenport, IA to play a show. That night he stayed at the Quiet Bears home, and at seven the following morning, they, along with A.P. Swearengin and Johnnie’s friend Mark, began to jam into a four track machine in the basement.

The resulting recordings are available on a new EP called 'God/Fate' available now from Orchid Collective for a nominal donation.

MP3: Quiet Bears - Walking In The Rain
MP3: Quiet Bears - Bluejaybody
MP3: Quiet Bears - Creatures (Courtesy Of Asaurus Records)

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