Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Free Strokes for everyone!

Are The Strokes still hip? Do people still use the word hip? Do people still use words? I care not, all I know is that after three albums I am still a sucker for The Strokes.

This is why I was pleased to discover that they have a free download available for a limited time on their Myspace page. The track is 'I'll Try Anything Once', a demo of 'You Only Live Once' from the album First Impressions Of Earth. It is also available on the B-side of their 'Heart In A Cage' single.

Download: The Strokes - I'll Try Anything Once (MP3)

Watch: The Strokes - You Only Live Once (Video)
Watch: The Strokes - Heart In A Cage (Video)

Buy: The Strokes records

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