Monday, June 12, 2006

J. Tillman

Some more tracks have appeared on Damien Jurado's MySpace page, and rather splendid they're sounding too.

But Damien's not the purpose of this post - oh no - rather, I want to write about another songwriter I was turned onto by Damien Jurado. Namely, J. Tillman. He's similar-but-different, if you know what I mean. Lazy, I know. Hell, just give him a listen.

I've been loving the tracks on his MySpace page and urge you to go give them a listen.

If you like those, you may want to check out these excellent tracks:

MP3: My Walking Days

MP3: Seven States Accros

MP3: Lilac Hem

MP3: Cecille, My Love

Buy J. Tillman's music from the Keep Recordings web site

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