Monday, June 19, 2006

London, London

It is great when a cover version draws your attention to an artist or song that would have otherwise escaped your attention. This has happened most recently to me with Cibelle & Devendra Banhart's playful cover of "London, London". Taken from Cibelle's album 'The Shine Of Dried Electric Leaves', hearing this song (..well, actually it was seeing the video) made me check out the original by Caetano Veloso. And I am mighty glad I did!

Written while he was living in forced political exile in London during the early 70's, the original version of "London, London" would not sound entirely out of place on Love's 'Forever Changes' or perhaps one of Donovan's more hippy albums.

Here is the cover and the original for you to compare and contrast:

MP3: Cibelle & Devendra Banhart - London, London
MP3: Caetano Veloso - London, London

Buy 'The Shine Of Dried Electric Leaves' by Cibelle

Buy 'Caetano Veloso' by Caetano Veloso

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