Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sweetheart Of The Radio's Favorite Music Videos (Part 1)

Pitchfork are celebrating the genius of youtube by listing their top 100 Awesome Music Videos. Always keen to steal a good idea, here are some of Sweetheart of the Radio's favorite music videos:

Vincent Gallo: "Honey Bunny"
Directed by Vincent Gallo
from: When

A bunch of models (and Paris Hilton) revolving round a huge turntable in their underwear. What else do you people want?


Bob Dylan: "Subterranean Homesick Blues"
Directed by D.A. Pennebaker
from: Don't Look Back

An obvious choice, but what the heck.


Bobby Conn: "Never Get Ahead"
Directed by Bobby Conn
from: Truck Stop

Funny and cool... just like the authors of this blog.


Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: "Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow"
Directed by John Hillcoat
from: No More Shall We Part

Before their collaboration on the quite brilliant movie 'The Proposition', Nick Cave and John Hillcoat team up on this little seen, but hugely stylish gem.


Fiona Apple: "Criminal"
Directed by Mark Romanek
from: Mark Romanek: Directors Series DVD

If loving this video makes me a perv and a bit creepy, so be it. Visually based around the aesthetic of snapshot photography this is a perfect example of how a great video can transport a mediocre song to a different level.


R.Kelly: "Trapped In The Closet (Part 1)"
Directed by R. Kelly & Jim Swaffield
from: Trapped In The Closet DVD

The most absurd, surreal, funny and brilliant set of video's I have ever seen, R. Kelly's 'Trapped In The Closet: Chapters 1-12' is a work of unparalleled (and almost certainly unintentional) genius.

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