Wednesday, July 09, 2008

What Capitalism Was / Super Daughter

Super Daughter is John Catfish and Summer. They live on a commune in central Virginia. They sound a bit like a folkier, but less slightly lo-fi Moldy Peaches...if Moldy Peaches chief influence was Iron & Wine. They’ve released two albums: “The Animals We See” (2004) “Today Today Today” (2006) both available via CDBaby.

What Capitalism Was is John’s solo project away from Super Daughter. Released in spring 2007 was the “Find It Hold It LP” which is a compilation of songs from various different self-released EPs and singles.

MP3: Super Daughter - Bird Stealing Bread (Iron & Wine)
MP3: Super Daughter - Winter Waiting

MP3: What Capitalism Was - Dream At A Quarter To Nine
MP3: What Capitalism Was - Etude 65 - Dont Fall In Love

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