Friday, July 11, 2008

Yesterday I was sent an article about the decline of recorded music sales and the parallel growth and value of brand associations with musicians/artists, or at least the acceptability of such associations (recent examples that spring to mind include The Shins providing the soundtrack for a McDonald's ad & the Bob Dylan Victoria's Secret commercial).

This led me directly to recent examples of brands using the work of two artists that I love dearly.

The first, a new song from Lou Reed - 'The Power Of The Heart' commissioned by Cartier - available as a free download along side tracks by Phoenix and others on a website built to showcase Cartier's new 'Love Collection'.

The second, a campaign for Belvedere Vodka featuring Vincent Gallo. Again, a free download is offered on the site (because that is what cool young people want right?), this time the 'soundtrack' to a hip new ad campaign. The track is called 'Something I Want (For Real)' and is performed by Vincent Gallo and RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan. The ad campaign itself features Gallo and a bunch of models and is directed by the ever horny photographer Terry Richardson. See the campaign in all it's glory for yourself on the Belvedere Vodka website.

Download: Lou Reed - The Power Of The Heart (Link)

MP3: RZA & Vincent Gallo - Something I Want (For Real)

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