Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Photgraph by Mia Ferm

One of my most eagerly anticipated releases this year was "Texas Rose, The Thaw, and The Beasts" by Castanets, and it turned out to be a record that lived up to expectation. The album saw Ray Raposa take a more stripped back and straight forward approach in delivering his songs, with noticeably less glitches and noises than previous efforts and an increased focus on song structure. Still feeling very much like a Castanets record, thanks in no small way to Raposa's distinctive vocal delivery, "Texas Rose..." is a self contained world of love and heartbreak, darkness and light.

MP3: Castanets - Down The Line, Love
MP3: Castanets - Thaw And The Beasts

MP3: Castanets - Worn From The Fight (With Fireworks) (courtesy of Asthmatic Kitty)

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April said...

I'd really like to hear this but I'm getting the message: This user does not have sharing enabled. Please contact them directly for file access.

Sweetheart Of The Radio said...

Links should be working now