Monday, October 05, 2009

Glass Cake

There is a beautiful warmth in the low fidelity recordings of Berkeley, California's Glass Cake, also known as the multi-talented Michelle Shofet. The minimal constructions, blanketed by Shofet's simple yet engaging melodies, produce a charming, warm and engaging listening experience with just the right measures of heart, melancholy and artfulness.

Glass Cake's 'Michelle Shofet's Album' is offered as a free download from the bands MySpace, however the link doesn't work due to myspace's archaic security filter, but you should be able to download it here.

Michelle Shofet also plays in the equally lo-fi and equally charming girl band.

MP3: Glass Cake - Blanket
MP3: Glass Cake - Friend Forever

Glass Cake on Myspace
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JeffreyGeoffrey said...

love this track! thanks