Thursday, October 08, 2009

Cheyenne Mize & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

One of the prettiest things I have heard all year is the Cheyenne Mize and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's collaboration, Among the Gold. Released by Karate Body Records initially as a limited edition of just 250 copies and not made available in stores (only via the Karate Body website & at Bonnie 'Prince' Billy live shows), and later made available for sale digitally, sadly this is a record that has possibly missed a lot of peoples radars.

Mize, a music therapist by day and 'by night' singer and fiddler in the Lousiville, Kentucky experimental-folk band Arnett Hollows as well as Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's own touring band, and Will Oldham teamed up for Among The Gold, an EP consisting entirely of covers of songs originally recorded between 1873 and 1915. As laid back as it gets, Among The Gold is a timeless collection of intimate, homespun recordings.

MP3: Cheyenne Mize & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Silver Threads Among The Gold
MP3: Cheyenne Mize & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Kiss Me Again

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Luke said...

loved this post, just found this blog. I'm just getting into country music, your blog is the perfect intro. do you guys have any terry stafford?