Monday, October 26, 2009

Sufjan Stevens

I have had a problem with Sufjan Stevens music over the past few years. I quite liked Michigan and I loved Seven Swans, but I began to lose interest shortly after. It is not that I thought what he was doing was bad, it's just that what he was doing failed to click with me and my interests waned. Well, now my interest has been rekindled by a chance listen to his new record The BQE.

The BQE, described in the label blurb as "a cinematic suite inspired by the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and the Hula-Hoop" was commissioned by Brooklyn Academy of Music and takes the form as an experimental in multi-media extravaganza. The quite sublime musical piece was conceived as the soundtrack to a 16mm/8mm film by Stevens which is available on DVD as part of the release. The BQE package also includes a 40 page book, a stereoscopic image reel and a comic book.

MP3: Sufjan Stevens - Movement I - In The Countenance Of Kings
MP3: Sufjan Stevens - Movement VI — Isorhythmic Night Dance with Interchanges (Courtesy Of Asthmatic Kitty)

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