Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Magnolia Electric Co.

Photograph by Kyle Johnson

I have always had a degree trouble with the work of Jason Molina. From Songs: Ohia through to Magnolia Electric Co. I have wanted to love his stuff, but aside form the odd track here and there, something has always prevented me form really connecting with his work.

I just seem to have a problem sitting down and listening to his music for sustained periods...until now... Josephine the new album by Magnolia Electric Co. connects with something in me in a more consistent way than anything I have previously heard from Jason Molina. I guess sometimes things just happen that way. Sometimes it takes a while.

is a beautiful record about loss, heartbreak, regret and hope.

MP3: Magnolia Electric Co. - The Rock Of Ages
MP3: Magnolia Electric Co. - Shenandoah

MP3: Magnolia Electric Co. - Josephine (courtesy of Secretly Canadian)

Magnolia Electric Co. on Myspace
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